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Live slow. Work happier.


Living. Working.

Feel the flow…


Happy Place is a workation space designed to support the well-being of the remote work community. 

People's work-life balance has suffered highly from the fast-growing economies and fast-growing lifestyles of the last decades worldwide.


Work and life should be easy, happy, and inflow with your personal need instead.

Happy Place offers you to slow down with its unique well-being concept. The beautiful co-working and co-living locations, embedded in natural surroundings, will help you find your inner peace and calmness. 

Each workation space is designed to create a happy community that can connect, share and inspire each other while building a sustainable connection with the locals of each spot.

Slow down. Work Happy. Live well.

What HP


Connect with local community

Porto Pollo


Look at the sea, feel the well-being



Live slow in between olive trees

Happy Place Locations

Experience our Private Rooms with our local ambassador
at natural wonders of eco-friendly locations


Speaker in the room to enjoy your moments of comfort


Wellness Mat

A mat for your exercises and regenerate your body



A book...the best friend to travel with your mind


Light Therapy

A relaxing bath with the lights that suit you best


Coffee & Tea

A sip of happiness for your best moments

Accommodation services

Private Room basic services:
High-speed Wi-fi, private desk & toilet, dedicated app, weekly cleaning

Happy Place Community


Be part of the community in spaces designed for all your needs

Happy Place`s mission is to contribute to your personal well-being.

The locations are designed for co-living, and co-working needs to create a happy community that connects, shares, and inspires each other. 

You can choose to work in privacy but also in the co-working space equipped with everything you need to be creative and give your best at work.

Unplug from work with gardening activities, yoga, and meditation classes. Chill out together in the community living room or create a great dinner together in the community kitchen.

On top - in each Happy Place you have access to counseling sessions with our personal Life-Coaches that support you with challenging situations or achieving personal growth.



Everything you need to work - together or in privacy

Beautiful and inspiring co-working spaces surrounded by nature are part of each Happy Place. 
Of course, you´ll find everything that a co-worker needs.

  • Co-work space
  • Meeting room
  • Phone booths
  • High-speed Wi-fi
  • Coffee & tea


Take care of your body, mind & soul with dedicated services​
The natural surroundings combined with the unique well-being services of each Happy Place are designed to help you destress, get grounded, and focus better on your daily tasks. Happy Place offers:
  • Life-Coaching
  • Empathy rooms
  • Meditation
  • Yoga lessons
  • Permaculture & Gardening


Experience our services together with the community
Get connected with the Happy Place community and create sustainable connections with other remote workers.
  • Shared kitchen
  • Lounge bar
  • Sport area
  • Cinema room
  • Laundry
noun_local business_2560025_edited.png

Happy Place Locals


Be an inclusive part of the local community. Explore, interact and exchange with locals


Another Happy Place´s mission is to contribute to more understanding and tolerance between human beings in our beautiful world.

Happy Place would love to build meaningful connections with locals and the multi-national remote work community by exploring, interacting, and exchanging each other’s culture and qualities. 



Happy Place wants to integrate the local people in each geographical location to create a connection with each other.
We offer
market spaces to locals to present their:

  • Local handcrafted food
  • Handmade clothes
  • Handmade accessories
  • Traditional cosmetics 
    And much more.


Learn from local habits and expand your horizon in each Happy Place location. 

Interact in workshops and personal meetings with the people who live in the Happy Place naturals surroundings and their beautiful lifestyle regarding:
  • Dancing
  • Music playing
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Bread baking
  • Gardening and/or permaculture design
     And much more


Do you love organic olive oil, or you like to have a personal intensive workshop on gardening? And maybe our local community member needs a website to sell his great organic products also online?
Great – it’s a win-win situation!


Happy Place invites you to exchange your unique professional knowledge and qualities.
How could that look like? For example, you create a website for the local’s olive oil business activity. In exchange, you will get a 1-year flat rate for his organic products.

Exchanging unique qualities make the world go round! 


Workation Space

for companies

Make your workers feel the flow

Do the employees of your company suffer from workplace stress? Do you need a healthy team-building event to strengthen the forces? Do you want to attract new employees in „the war of talents“?

Happy Place will help you achieve your goals: let your company become a healthy place and contribute to a balanced work and lifestyle.


Your employees will be happy about this!

What can Happy Place do for you?

noun_Talent search_2086248_edited.png

Win the „war of talents“

Millenials love flexibility and inspiration. Allow them to have some month of workation in a beautiful place, natural surroundings with access to life coach sessions and well-being activities such as yoga or meditation. Let them get inspired by getting in touch with the local people to broaden their horizons and get inspired. Your employees can enjoy a better work-life combining harmony and travel. 


Team building retreats

Happy Place knows the value of bringing employees together outside of the office to work, explore and share. A workation team retreat at Happy Place can be one of the solutions in helping many companies to create a strong team or give teams a new motivation. Combined with the many Happy Place well-being aspects, you will help your employees slow down, relax and grow…to get new energy for their work and your company!


Tailor-made workation

Tailor-made workation packages for individual company needs. Let´s talk about what Happy Place can do for you: 

Hosting partners

You are the owner of a: guesthouse, agriturismo, a local co-living or co-working place, bed & breakfast, etc., surrounded by a beautiful natural environment?

Do you want to secure a new stable revenue all year long? 

With the Happy Place Franchise-Concept, you will be hosting a unique remote work community during all seasons of the year.


These are the next steps:

1. Contact us

Write us about your accommodation. 

Those parameters are important:

  • Minimum 25 bedrooms / 30 beds

  • (Potential) comfortable co-working area 

  • Fast, reliable wifi (possible)

  • shared communal areas 

  • spaces for yoga, meditation, coaching sessions

  • shared communal kitchen to socialize


2. Let´s get in touch

A first call will help to understand more details 

- for you and us. We will give you some detailed information to explain our Franchise Concept adequately and answer all your questions. 

The next step will be that 1 or 2 Happy Place team members come to your place to meet you in person and check out your location. Together we can brainstorm about all the unique local activities that can be created in your spot. We will explain the partnership contract in detail and provide consultancy for the next steps to do.

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